The Steps You Need to Take to Plan & Teach Your Math Intervention Lesson with Ease.

The A. L. I. G. N. Framework will help you to:

Gather Important Data

Deciding who will recieve math intervention and what skills you'll target are determined by qualitative and quantitative data. Quatlitative data is why and the quantitative data is the what.

Identify Missing Skills

The prerequisite skills concepts will be your target. Being strategic about the priority skills that will be taught during  small group instruction is important for quickly closing achievement gaps. 

Find Your Starting Point

The vertical alignment like a compass it will point you in the right direction. Find the skill your students are missing and conncect it to the skills in the previous grade levels

Get Started with  Planning Your Small Group Lessons!

The goal of your small group instruction is to quickly close gaps using research-based strategies.  Planning your lesson with the A.L. I. G. N. framework will help you to plan your lesson using a scaffolded strategy that will meet the needs of the students in your small group.

I've got you covered!

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