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Learn how to choose the right math concepts without a program to help your students improve their math skills.

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The Better Math Scores Challenge is an online 5 day challenge that will teach you how to choose the right concepts for your students in just 5 days.

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By The End Of This Challenge You Will Learn To:

  • 1
    Get to know your curriculum alignment- Curriculum Scavenger Hunt
  • 2
    Identify major and  minor math skills and concepts
  • 3
    Locate prequisite skills using the vertical alignment
  • 4
    How to choose the appropriate math strategy for the problem skill
  • 5
    Progress monitor using the rigor of the grade level standard

Your Host

Michelle Williams is a veteran math educator committed to finding new and exciting ways to reach the young minds she molds in her classroom each day. Her creative educational concepts have helped ignite a fire in the minds of hundreds of the world’s most impressionable and vulnerable youth. Through her own classroom and through mentoring and advising new teachers, Michelle is dedicated to improving the math instruction for teacher of struggling learners, 504, and Special Education students.

Born out of a desire to help her own son do well in math, Michelle creates custom learning experiences designed to reach the most challenging learners. .

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